Wigglesteps Socks and Swimwear

Enter the world of sustainable style with Wiggle Steps, the sock brand that spreads fashion and environmental awareness. The socks are produced in a green factory that guarantees quality without compromise and respect for the planet.

Wiggle Steps are produced to the highest Eco Factory standards, meaning every aspect of production is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint.

Wiggle Steps are made from 100% organic material. This not only means ultimate comfort and softness for your feet, but also that you choose socks that are kind to nature.

With Wiggle Steps socks you can walk comfortably and confidently, knowing you are making a difference. Choose from the range of fluid designs and colors so you can be stylish while the world is a little greener.

Last but not least, because Wiggle Steps does not dye yarns to design, there is no water waste. Wiggle Steps uses 520 tons of water per year (this preparation is made with the lowest production capacity, so it's actually more :))

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