Forebel Terms and Conditions


Article 1      - Scope
Article 2      - Adoption of the agreement
Article 3      - Prices and payment
Article 4      - Pictures and specifications
Article 5      - Delivery
Article 6      - Reflection period or right of revocation
Article 7      - Retention of property
Article 8      - Warranty and conformity
Article 9      - Liability
Article 10     - Complaints arrangement
Article 11     - Other provisions

Article 1 – Scope

  • On this page you can find the general conditions of , as they have been made available by FOREBEL / Star Sock B.V. hereafter Star Sock B.V. 
  • Star Sock B.V. is established on Parklaan 14, 5061 JT, in Oisterwijk.
  • Phone: +31 (013) 52 31 400. 
  • Email:
  • CoC number: KVK 18045837
  • VAT number: NL812191390B01.

These general conditions are applicable to each concluded distance agreement by way of an order by the client (in the following: 'Buyer') placed on and the delivery between Star Sock B.V. and buyer. Reference by the buyer to his own general or purchasing conditions and their applicability is emphatically rejected by Star Sock. By placing an order, buyer accepts to be bound by these general conditions and the buyer declares he has read and understood them. The general conditions can be consulted at all times on the website

Article 2 – Adoption of the agreement

The agreement is adopted at the moment of receipt by supplier of the acceptance of the offer by the buyer through the placing of an order on The acceptance of the order is confirmed through electronic channels by e-mail to the buyer. As long as receipt of the order has not been confirmed, the buyer can rescind the agreement.

Star Sock reserves itself the right not to accept orders without statement of grounds.

The buyer who provides client information in the context of the agreement, guarantees that they are correct, complete, and up to date. The buyer has the obligation to directly report inaccuracies in provided or stated payment details to Star Sock.

Article 3 – Prices and payment

The prices listed in the product offer are in EUROS including VAT and are subject to printing and typing errors.

The prices referred to in the preceding paragraph are not increased by Star Sock after conclusion of the agreement, unless legal measures render such necessary (for example VAT changes). Buyer is authorised in that case to rescind the agreement by way of a written statement vis-à-vis Star Sock.

For payment, use can be made of the payment methods indicated on the website under the conditions specified for them.

Artikel 4 – Pictures and specifications

We try to represent all pictures of products, associated specifications, dimensions and information on the website as well as possible. The product eventually delivered to the buyer may deviate to a certain extent in colour, dimensions etc. from these pictures or specifications. This does not entail the product not corresponding with the agreement.

Apparent mistakes or errors with regard to what is stipulated in article 3 and 4 do not bind Star Sock.

Article 5 – Delivery

Star Sock will observe the greatest possible care upon the receipt and implementation of the orders. The delivery times mentioned here and on the website are merely an indication. No rights can be derived from these indications by the buyer.

As place of delivery counts the address which the buyer has communicated to Star Sock. If not established otherwise in writing, Star Sock delivers to any submitted physical address.

Star Sock is authorised to deliver in batches. Accepted orders are carried out with due speed following conclusion of the agreement, though in any case within 10 days following that dated. In case delivery encounters delays until after these 10 days, buyer receives notice as soon as possible after Star Sock has become aware of this. Star Sock falls into default when they have been declared in default by the buyer by way of a written confirmation, whereby Star Sock is still granted a reasonable term for delivery.

In case compliance fails to occur even after this, buyer in such case has the right to (partially) rescind the agreement without costs. A different delivery term may also be established, or parties can agree on the delivery of a different product.

In case an order cannot or can only partially be carried out, buyer receives notice of this as soon as possible after Star Sock has become aware of this. Buyer has the right in such case to (partially) rescind the agreement free of charges. In case of rescission pursuant to article 3 and 5, Star Sock will refund such amounts as the buyer may have paid in excess to Star Sock. Buyer is not entitled to compensation of damage. The risk for the products lies with Star Sock until the moment of delivery to the buyer, unless it has emphatically been established otherwise.

Article 6 – Reflection period or right of revocation

After the product has been received by buyer or a designated third party (not the carrier), buyer has 14 days to rescind the agreement without stating grounds. This term enters into effect on the day after the product, or in case of a partial delivery after all products of the order, have been received by or on behalf of buyer.

To exercise the right of revocation, the buyer must inform Star Sock through notification (preferable by e-mail to regarding his decision. Buyer must subsequently send back the products as soon as possible – though no later than within 14 days after the report – in the manner indicated by Star Sock.

Products are sent back by mail (preferably) in the original "Paperwise" packaging, in the state the buyer received it in. That means intact and undamaged. The costs of sending back the products are borne by the buyer. During the reflection period, buyer will handle the products and the packaging with care. Buyer will only unwrap the products to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to retain the product. By removing the label, the right of revocation lapses.

Star Sock will refund the amounts paid by buyer, including the first delivery costs, after a successful revocation within 14 days after the day of receipt of the statement indicated in paragraph 2 of article 6. Star Sock may thereby wait with the refund until it has received back all products.

Article 7 – Retention of property

If applicable, Star Sock reserves itself the property of all products delivered by FOREBEL until the moment of full settlement of the price of all products delivered or still to be delivered by Star Sock to buyer (including any possible due interest and/or costs), on account of the relevant agreement or earlier or later similar agreements.

Article 8 – Warranty and conformity

Star Sock guarantees that the products delivered by them are compliant with the legal requirements regarding usability, reliability and lifecycle as these were reasonably intended by parties in the agreement.

To the extent possible, the buyer is obliged to (let) control the delivered products immediately upon receipt. If it turns out that the delivered product is wrong, unsound, or incomplete, then the buyer must report these defects (before proceeding to send them back) within 2 weeks after discovery to Star Sock, by e-mail at, by way of the contact form or telephonically at +31 (0)13 523 14 01. 

The products are sent back by mail in (preferably) the original "Paperwise" wrapping, in the state the buyer received it in. That means, intact and undamaged. The costs of sending back the products are borne by buyer.

If it turns out that the delivered product do not correspond with the order, Star Sock will replace the delivered product or restore them free of charges. The buyer cannot appeal to the warranty intended in paragraph 1 if the delivered product(s) have been exposed to abnormal circumstances and/or the buyer has repaired and/or processed the delivered products himself or has had them repaired and/or processed by third parties.

Article 9 – Liability

Any liability of Star Sock for damage is excluded, also including additional compensation of damages in whatever form, compensation of indirect damage or consequential damage or damage due to lost profit (incurred by buyer and/or third parties), all matters barring the wilful intent or gross fault on the part of Star Sock.

Star Sock is not liable for errors and/or negligence on the part of its suppliers.

If the buyer for any reason whatsoever, outside the fault of Star Sock, cannot or has not been able to receive a product because the requirements of article 2 have not been complied with, Star Sock is not liable for the damage resulting from this and they are not obliged to supply a replacement product.

The liability of Star Sock and therefore the amount of the compensation is always limited to a maximum of the invoice amount for the relevant products, or (at the option of Star Sock) to the maximum amount to be disbursed to them in the relevant case by the liability insurance of Star Sock.

What is stipulated in this article leaves unaffected the legal liability of Star Sock pursuant to provisions of a mandatory legal nature.

Article 10 – Complaints arrangement

Complaints about the implementation of the agreement must be reported within 14 days complete and clearly described by e-mail to, the contact form or telephonically +31 (0)13 523 14 01 to Star Sock after the buyer has noted the defects.

Complaints submitted to Star Sock are answered within 14 days, counted from the day of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeably longer processing time, Star Sock answers within this term with a message confirming receipt and an indication of when the buyer can expect a more elaborate answer.

Article 11 – Other provisions

If a provision of these general conditions is declared void or non-binding, the other provisions will remain effective and through mutual consultation an alternative provision will be established which corresponds with the old provision as much as possible.

To all agreements between Star Sock and buyer which these conditions are in regard to, Dutch legislation is exclusively applicable. The court of law of the district of Zeeland-West-Brabant is competent to hear disputes between Star Sock and buyer, unless Star Sock prefers to submit the dispute to the competent court of the place of residence of the buyer.

Do you have any more questions? Please contact our customer services. You can do so telephonically at +31 (0)13 5231401 or by e-mail to