Forebel Spring/Summer collection 2022: Bright and Bold

Forebel Spring/Summer collection 2022: Bright and Bold

Short sleeves, a cute dress and a bright sunny sun: We can’t wait for summer! That’s why we proudly present you the Forebel Spring/Summer collection: Bright and Bold. Dozens of new pairs for men, women and kids.

Our designer opened the trendy colours box and got experimental with abstract and outstanding patterns and designs. The colours are soft and fresh, just like the first sunbeams in spring - bright and bold! The patterns are playful but can be combined with every summer outfit you have in mind. For men, light blue, grey and mint are the most important colours. Take the Barracuda for example with its light base and colourful speckles. Or the Lionfish where we combined all trend colours in one nice sock! This season is the time to show your feminine side to the rest of the world with trend colours pistachio, raspberry and strawberry. The designs go from wave patterns to a subtle fishnet and abstract shapes. Take the Whiting, for example, a sock with a light base, but pastel coloured details on the heel and board topped off with lots of colourful speckles.

The catches of the season are definitely the Oyster and the Conch. These are the first Forebel with a rib structure - super trendy, fashionable but mainly comfortable. They give your outfit a casual, sporty look, but they also show the rest of the world that you make sustainable choices, because these socks are partially made of abandoned fishing nets.

We understand that some days ask for a more neutral sock, that’s why we also have never out of stock socks in this collection like Dace, Porgy and Sterlet. These uni socks look basic from the outside but contribute just as much to the clean up of our ocean due to their history as a polluting fishing net.

For the days when temperatures can go through the roof, we also have sneaker socks. These are available in neutral colours, but also in trend colours and outstanding patterns. Something for every sneaker!

Sustainability no child's play? It is now with Forebel Kids. These kids’ socks with nice colour combinations all have a pattern of cute marine animals. Take the Bubble and Bruce, both with a playful pattern. Besides these socks looking adorable, they’re mainly strong and comfortable. Perfect for playing outside during a nice summer day. Forebel kids provide an accessible way to show everyone that you contribute to a cleaner ocean with these socks.

Having a hard time choosing or looking for the perfect sustainable gift? Go for one of our gift boxes with special combinations of socks from this new collection.

Whatever sock you choose, every sock in this collection is made of regenerated nylon made of abandoned fishing nets from the ocean. This is combined with 100% organic cotton to make the Forebel from this collection soft, comfortable but mostly sustainable! Our Spring/Summer collection is available in our webshop now!