How we design our sustainable Forebel

How we design our sustainable Forebel

We design Forebel with sustainability in mind. From the material we use to the way the socks are made, everything about these socks is eco-friendly. Plus, for every pair of socks sold, we donate a part of the proceeds to the Healthy Seas foundation. Keep reading to learn more about how we designed these socks and why they're good for the environment.

The material we use
We wanted to ensure that the material we use for our socks is sustainable and eco-friendly. That's why we chose ECONYL® regenerated nylon which is made from nylon waste such as fishing nets and other nylon waste. We combine it with GOTS-certified organic cotton to make it really soft and comfortable.

The design process
To dive into the design process, we talked with our designer Lise about how she gets her inspiration and what it takes to make sustainable pairs of Forebel.

What should you pay attention to when designing Forebel?
Innovative enough to keep the customer interested but not too new that a customer wouldn't want to wear it. It's looking at how we can translate current trends into something that fits Forebel but is recognizable enough that it is unique in our style.

How do Forebel distinguish themselves?
By putting quality and sustainability first. Your taste changes and so do trends. With Forebel we try to design socks with a design that you will want to wear in a few years. We distinguish ourselves, for example, by the fishnet pattern, the logo or the wave that often appears on the sock, but especially by the sustainable quality of the sock. Sustainable handling of our designs is really important to us.

What steps do you go through to arrive at a design?
Throughout the year I keep track of trends and find inspiration that could be of interest for Forebel. I check with the manufacturer whether there are new sustainable yarns and I design a number of basic ideas that I discuss with the manufacturer in terms of feasibility. Based on that, a number of socks emerge that we will then actually design. Colours are then selected, and patterns and mock-ups are filled in. During this whole process, I keep in touch with the manufacturer about the process. Eventually, the sock becomes the end product we dreamed of.

We’re so thrilled to finally be able to share our Forebel with you! We hope you love them as much as we do. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And don’t forget— every purchase helps us clean up the ocean and make it a healthier place for all!