Forebel attended a huge clean-up in Greece!

Forebel attended a huge clean-up in Greece!

For followers on our social platforms, it is no big surprise that we like to take you behind the scenes. This time, we are joining our partners of the Healthy Seas initiative all the way to Greece for a huge clean-up. 

Last week, co-founder of Healthy Seas and owner of Forebel, Eric Roosen, travelled to Ithaca and rolled up his sleeves to lend a helping hand. For 2 weeks straight, the Healthy Seas team was cleaning up the environmental mess that was left behind by an abandoned fish farm. Hauling nets, plates, bottles, and fishing gear, the mess kept on going. We must make people aware of the danger that sea pollution can bring to the marine ecosystem. To sealife as well as the earth. 

Thankfully, more people are learning about the ways to help and kids are being educated on the problem. The Dutch programme ‘NOS Jeugdjournaal’ caught attention to this particular mission and filmed a news report on the diving excursion. The divers of our partner Ghostdiving have already surfaced more than 70,000 kilos of fishing gear.

Watch the news report with this link and see how they approach this:

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