You are now registered for winning a electric Brekr model B

Besides, we are giving away Brekr x HSS Limited Edition socks every week!

How is this going to continue?

You are automatically registered and can win an electric Brekr model B or HSS x Brekr Limited Edition socks.

Your registration represents one ticket.

Do you want to have an even better chance of winning an electric Brekr Model B?

What should you do?

  1. Place an order between 1 february 2023 and 30 march 2023 at
  2. Based on how much you have ordered on your account, you will receive a number of tickets for this giveaway. This all happens automatically.
  3. On March 31, we will announce the winner of the electric Brekr Model B.

How does this ticket system work?

Based on the amount you have ordered in the period from February 1, to March 30, you will be allocated the following number of tickets.

  • €0,00 - €49,99 = 2 extra tickets
  • €50,00 - €99,99 = 5 extra tickets
  • €100,00 - €199,99 = 10 extra tickets
  • More then €200,00 = 25 extra tickets

The more tickets you have, the bigger the chance of winning the electric Brekr model B..

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