Socktopus presents: The first Forebel Kids' Collection!

Socktopus presents: The first Forebel Kids' Collection!

Sustainability no child’s game? It is now! With joy and pride, we present our first kids’ collection with sustainable socks for children. Because sustainability is for everyone, also for kids!   

By making mindful and sustainable decisions, for example by wearing Forebel, for example, we offer a helping hand to our planet and oceans, but if we want to make a real change, it’s important that we make our youngest generation aware of all the pollution that’s occurring in our oceans. A tough, but extremely important topic. The socks in the Forebel kids’ collection help you put this topic on the table. The socks in this collection are partially made of old and polluting fishing nets from the bottom of our oceans. These fishing nets are transformed into ECONYL nylon which we use in our socks. Comfort is essential for the smallest of feet, so we also use soft GOTS organic cotton in the socks to make a good sock with an even better story!  

This story is clearly shown in the design of the kids’ socks. Socks Sammy and Nemo, for example, have small fish as eye-catchers. On Octo and Flash, you can find some happy pink octopuses. And cute turtles and sharks are also part of the team! These are all animals that live in a safer environment now because of the removal of the polluting fishing nets. The socks have happy and colourful prints that immediately put a smile on your face. Besides a good story and a cute print, we only offer good quality socks. So all our socks have a strong board so they stay perfectly in place while playing outside or when running around the living room. On top of that, the socks are unisex, because we believe that every kid should be able to choose a sock they like best!   

To launch this collection, we received some help from a very special creature: Socktopus. Socktopus is a limited edition cuddly toy with tentacles made of socks that were left stranded due to production errors. Its filling consists of cutting waste from the sock factory. In short, a sustainable new friend who tells you the story of Forebel. Socktopus is handmade by IYA HAYKI with elderly people in elderly homes to fight loneliness.   

Socktopus and the new kids’ collection are available in gift boxes: a sustainable and educational present!